Bolts, Guards, and Catches

Roller Catch
Heavy Duty Jumbo Roller
Drive-in Ball Catch
Mortise Ball Catch
Ball Catch Strike
Mortise Manual Flush Bolt
Automatic Flush Bolt- Metal
Automatic Flush Bolt- Wood
12" Mortise Extension Flush Bolt
3", 4", and 6" Surface Bolt
6" Flush Bolt Round
6" Flush Bolt Square
7" Mortise Flush Bolt
18" Flip Type Extension Flush Bolt
Safety Door Guard
Privacy Latch
LGP-11 Latch Guard
LGP-12 Latch Guard
Flush Bolt Strike

Door Knockers and Viewers

6" Door Knocker With Viewer
6" Door Knocker
4" Door Knocker with Viewer
160° Solid Brass Door Viewer
180° Solid Brass Door Viewer
UL 160° Door Viewer
UL 200° Door Viewer

Door Stops

3" Spring Door Stop
3" Jumbo Door Stop
3-3/4" Jumbo Spring Door Stop
3" Rigid Door Stop
3" H.D. Rigid Door Stop
Universal Dome Stop
Dome Stop High Profile
Dome Stop Low Profile
2-1/2" Wall Bumper
1" Wall Bumper
Gooseneck Door Stop 2-1/8"
Gooseneck Door Stop 2-3/4"
Solid Brass Wall Door Stop With Hook
Solid Brass Floor Door Stop With Hook
Brass Floor Door Stop
Chain Door Stop With Single Spring
Door Saver
Half Leaf Hinge Pin Door Stop
Hinge Pin Door Stop Type A
Chain Door Stop With Vinyl Cover
Hinge Pin Door Stop Type K
Heavy Duty Hinge Pin Stop
4" Drop Down Door Holder
Heavy Duty Drop Door Holder

House Numbers

4" Metal House Numbers
6" Plastic House Numbers

Closet and Cabinet Hardware

Shelf & Rod Support
Adjustable Shelf & Rod Support
H.D. Shelf & Rod Support
H.D. Shelf Support- No Hook
Metal Pole Socket
H.D. Metal Pole Socket
Closet Pole Socket (Plastic)
Closet Pole Socket (Wood)
Cabinet Knob
Bi Fold Door Knob
Bi Fold Door Knob With Back Plate
Drive-in Finger Pull 2-1/8"
Nail Finger Pull 2-1/8"
Adjustable Closet Rod

Push, Pull, and Kick Plates

3-1/2" X 15" Pull Plate
3-1/2" X 15" Push Plate
4" X 16" Pull Plate
4" X 16" Push Plate
3-1/2" X 15" Solid Brass Pull Plate
3-1/2" X 15" Solid Brass Push Plate
Solid Brass Kick Plate
8" X 34" Aluminum Kick Plate
Stainless Steel Kick Plate With Screws

Handrail and Shelf Brackets

3" Handrail Bracket
3-1/2" H.D. Handrail Bracket
Decorative Handrail Bracket
Shelf Bracket


Silencer- Wood Door
Silencer- Metal Door
Magnetic Door Holder
Electric Strikes for Locks
Electric Strike for Exit Device