Our Philosophy

After 35 years, Philadelphia Hardware Group continues to innovate excellence, from the development and manufacture of our products, to the distribution and instillation for our customers, we guarantee a superior experience every step of the way.


PHG makes it our mission to receive 100% satisfaction from every customer, every time.  We believe in being the solution to our customers’ needs by providing a diverse selection of high-quality products at accessible pricing, and always with exceptional attention and care through their entire experience.

PHG knows that locking down long-term relationships with our customers is the key to our success, so we use a holistic approach to the hardware industry: We closely watch each step of our product’s lifecycle, as the manufacturer, importer and distributor.  This let’s us continue to innovate new ways to surpass our customers expectations every step of the way.


PHG strives for excellence.  We know that innovation is the key to our success, so we always look for ways to improve our product, manufacturing process, distribution pricing and delivery speed.  We hope to be recognized not only as the gold-standard of excellence in the hardware industry, but also as the preferred company that our customers can trust, and rely on 100% of the time.


Unlock Customer-Creative-Potential
We believe in asking our clients and customers how we can do our jobs better. Not only do our customers keep our business open by coming to us for their needs, but they also keep us successful by offering their suggestions for everything from better products to better processes.  In turn, we listen to their feedback and unlock their creative potential by turning their ideas into reality.

Innovation is Key
We are always looking for a new way to refine, improve, or develop our products, processes or policies so our customers can save time, money and patience, because sometimes the better way to do things hasn’t been done before.

Nail Down Long-Term Relationships
Our business runs on long-term relationships.  That’s why, we believe that we’re here to make your jobs and lives easier, so we openly welcome any suggestions or feedback you can offer at anytime, because without you, we wouldn’t be here.

Lock-In Low Costs for Customers
Everytime we see a way to save money – whether that be through the manufacturing process, shipping or distribution channels – we make sure those savings carry over to our customers because we know how it feels to save money, and we like to share the wealth.

Know the Nuts and Bolts
We make sure that every customer service agent or product knowledge specialist we have representing our company knows every nut and bolt and screw and padlock that goes into our products so you get the very best service every time you need it.